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Data Visualization Infographic

Data Visualization for Apple Watch 
Information Design

Role: Graphic Designer, Data Research, Information Design, Data Visualization

Tools: Illustrator, Figma 

Timeline: March 2021 - April 2021 

Project Overview & Concept 

Through the Apple Watch fitness app, I was able to look back and track my activity. By having the ability to see specific periods and weeks in my life, I was able to better analyze and understand the data, being aware of certain patterns in my activity.

By deciding to section off my data into specific categories of my activity (such as the types of workouts I am doing, my average heart rate per workout, how many steps I am taking, what parts of my body I am targeting, etc.), this allowed to me to look at all of this data I had been collecting and actually pull apart what it meant to me and what these numbers mean/stand for.

*Icons belong to Apple

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