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High Lite Cannabis
Package Design, Branding, Product Photography

Role: Graphic Designer, Art Director, Package Designer

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom

Timeline: October 2021 - December 2021

Project Overview & Concept 


This package was designed for cannabis pre-rolls, that implemented fun, bright and bold themes

throughout. When creating this package the target audience was kept in mind (young adults above

the age of 19) and the purpose of pre-rolls/cannabis, was linked to being creative. Research

throughout the process showed the connections that cannabis has with the brain's creativity

levels/activity. With this creative inspiration, became the name “HIGH-LITE”, a bold unique brand

that showcases all the creative facets cannabis has to offer.


The package was designed in a way to fit each pre-roll perfectly, by having slots inside that hold each roll and a sheer window that allows the neon/bright colours to peek through. It was also designed to be eco-friendly and recyclable, in order to be more sustainable. The fun bold designs shown on the box tie into the playful feel this brand is portraying. It is meant to take away the stigma associated with cannabis, where it is commonly thought of as a healing, serious experience, and adding a more entertaining and lively dimension.


This design challenged me to be more creative and think of different ways to showcase pre-rolls, rather than the standard, visually uninteresting tube they are usually contained in. This project allowed for the basic common pre-roll design to be challenged and thought of in various ways to create a practical yet effective package for HIGH-LITE, allowing the brand to come to life and stand out in a bright and bold way.

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