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Branding, Design Research, Print

Role: Graphic Designer, Art Director

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign 

Timeline: October 2022 - December 2022

Project Overview & Concept 


Repurposed is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on upcycling fashion and reusing textiles for clothing, giving them a new purpose. At Repurposed we believe that every article of clothing you wear deserves to be there. By taking a sustainable approach we are ensuring that what you wear will feel good, as well as look good all while keeping in mind our planet’s health. The concept behind our saying ‘giving fashion a new purpose’ plays a big part in the trend of our upcycled clothing.

This is giving a new purpose to fashion as it is providing you with new fashionable looks while lessening waste and keeping in mind the planet. We believe that we can provide you with trendy, affordable, sustainable clothing that will make an impact, on the environment and you. The design for Repurposed is a representation of the brand entirely. It shows the minimalist, modern theme throughout and this helps carry a simplistic, chic style. The colours and text give into the sustainability aspect and show it as a more high-end company with elegant features.

My main goal for this brand was to emphasize the upcycling fashion aspect by including

elements of sustainability and sewing that ties everything together elegantly, capturing the

essence of Repurposed.

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